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Vol. 38-2 (August 2023) Perspectives on Russia, the USA, and the EU's Power Struggle in the Ukraine Crisis and Vietnam's Neutrality (Nguyễn Anh Cường)


Europe's worst political disaster since the Cold War was Ukraine's crisis from 2013 to Russia's full-scale war on 24 February 2022. War? The choice of a national development model, cultural conflicts, and regional identities in Ukraine are internal causes. At the same time, competition for influence between great powers such as Russia, the USA, and the EU in Ukraine are external. Vietnam is similar to Ukraine, but it has taken a neutral stance in this crisis and called for peace talks. Why does Vietnam not choose a party but rather remain neutral with significant actors? This analysis answers those questions using qualitative methods, content analysis, and quantitative comparison. Balancing superpower strategic competition is a small lesson for an average country like Vietnam living next to a great power. However, this strategic balance is necessary to preserve national sovereignty and interests.

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