22.12.22 14:49:36
[2022-23 Inha CIS K-Academic, 4th Colloquium] “Korean Studies in Germany – Regional Studies in the 21st Century”

On December 15, 2022, the K-Academic Diffusion Research Center held the 4th Colloquium of 2022-23 Project Year. Sticking with the theme of “Korean Studies in Germany – Regional Studies in the 21st Century”, Professor Eun-Jeung Lee illustrated critical subjects of “East Asian research institutions and Korean language institutions in Europe”, “the expansion of Korean studies and its periodic characteristics”, “changes in Europe’s view of Korea and Korean studies”, followed by a discussion with a pending issue on challenges in Korean studies in Europe within the 21st century’s Area studies. Professor Lee said, “In order to promote more research on Korean studies in Europe, it is necessary to establish a long-term strategy for interdisciplinary joint research and the cultivation of junior researchers”. 
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