Housing & Food


  • To provide to provide more comfortable accommodations for the international students, Inha University is running a Residence Hall for the Korean language students. Located within a 10 minute-walk from Inha University, the Residence Hall is equipped with a private bath, kitchen, refrigerator and convenient furnishings.


  • Housing&Food 사진
  • Housing&Food 사진

Inha Univ. 4 seasons

  • 인하대 봄 사진
  • 인하대 봄 전경
  • 인하대 여름 사진
  • 인하대 여름 전경
  • 인하대 가을 사진
  • 인하대 가을 전경
  • 인하대 겨울 사진
  • 인하대 겨울 전경