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7 Notice for result of a course Direct Research   전선하 2021-06-03 204 hwp
6 Notice about how to apply for a leave of absence for 2020-Fall   전예진 2020-07-22 1306 doc
5 Notice about how to apply for leave of absence (2020-Spring, International Students except for new students who didn't enroll)   전예진 2020-03-11 472 doc
4 Notice for submission study plan of Thesis research and research ethics, Industrial field research and Industrial field analysis   강진성 2019-09-10 611 hwp
3 2018-2 Notice for result of a course Thesis Research, Industrial Field Research or Analysis   Admin 2018-12-06 1125 hwp
2 Notice for submission result of thesis direct research(2016-Fall Semester)   전예진 2016-11-16 1219 hwp
1 Notice for Course Drop(Withdrawal) Period (2016-Fall)   조덕환 2016-10-28 1316 -
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