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7 Can I simultaneously apply for Jungseok International Scholarship and GKS(Global Korea Scholarshp)-Korean Government Scholarship?   관리자 2019-09-11 383
6 Can I get Inha University’s recommendation for GKS(Global Korea Scholarshp)-Korean Government Scholarship Program?   관리자 2019-09-11 341
5 After admission, is there any change about the amount of Jungseok International Scholarship for me?   관리자 2019-09-11 294
4 How long can I get Jungseok International Scholarship?   관리자 2019-09-11 304
3 What does Jungseok International Scholarship cover?   관리자 2019-09-11 292
2 If I fulfill the minimum criteria for Jungseok International Scholarship application, will I get full scholarship directly?   관리자 2019-09-11 293
1 Is there any scholarship for international students?   관리자 2019-09-11 326
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