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2019 Inha University Factsheet for Incoming Exchange Students

2019 Inha University Factsheet for Incoming Exchange Students

Every Semester Inha University welcomes more than 200 exchange students from all over the world.

Exchange student program at Inha is a great way for international students to experience the unique Korean culture,

learn the Korean language and to make new friends. We accept applications for a semester or a full academic year.

Students who are eligible to apply for our exchange student program should first contact the international office at their home university about the application procedures and deadlines.

Nomination and Application Deadline


September 3rd (Mon) ~ October 12th (Fri), 2018 (Please use the designated form)

Online Application

September 3rd  (Mon) 09:00 ~ October 26th (Fri) 23:00, 2018 (Korean Time)

Nomination & Application Process

Nomination Process

(Coordinators Only)

Exchange office of partner Universities should send the nomination using the designated form to the country coordinator by email by the deadline and get confirmation on the applying major.

Application Process


Step 1 Create an account at the online application site for Exchange Student at

[The application system works stably through Internet Explorer Browser.]


Step 2 Upload the copy of required documents.

All applications should be submitted online, and no paper application will be accepted.


r Before Online Application, applicants must have the following documents ready in file,

1) One Photo in a JPG file for application

2) A Letter of Recommendation (designated form)

3) Housing Application Form(designated form)

4) Official Academic Transcript of Records issued by home University (in English) 

5) A copy of Passport (Please check the validity of the passport)

6) Bank Statement with Deposit of more than USD5,500(for 1 semester applicants)

                                                                                 USD7,500(for 1-year applicants)

7) Family Relations Certificate (The account holder’s name on the bank statement must                                                                                                                          
be identical to your passport name. If the bank account belongs to someone else, you must submit a relationship certificate to prove your relationship with the bank account holder.)

8) Language Certificate (ex. TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, TOPIK etc.)

9) Bachelor’s Degree Certificate (only for Graduate-level applicants)


Once you have completed step 1 and step 2, Inha International Center will review your application.

If you have received a certificate of admission from Inha, you can then proceed to step 3 and upload A copy of Tuberculosis test and Insurance Policy.


Step 3 Upload copies of additional documents.

All applicants should submit the additional documents online.


1) A copy of Tuberculosis test with an official hospital(medical) stamp

(only required for students applying for school dormitory.)

2) Copy of the Insurance policy

     (Applicants who have not submitted the insurance policy online should purchase designated insurance upon arrival.)

Your admission to Inha University may be denied, if your qualifications are considered ineligible.



• Currently-enrolled student at one of Inha University’s partner institutions

• a minimum 2.0 out of 4.5 cumulative GPA (1.78 out of 4.0) or 70 out of 100 points equivalent at home institution

-  Students with cumulative GPA below the minimum points must submit the Letter of Recommendation (2nd page of the designated form: downloadable on Inha Online Application Platform)

• Language Ability

- Minimum TOEIC 700 or TOEFL PBT 507 (CBT 210 or iBT 80) or IELTS 5.5 for students wanting to take lectures taught in English [Letter of Recommendation by academic advisor can replace the English Language Certificate]

- TOPIK Level 3 required only for Students wanting to take lectures taught in the department of Korean Language Education/ or Korean Language and Literature.


• Bachelor’s degree holder

• Currently-enrolled student at the graduate school of one of Inha University’s partner institutions

• a minimum 2.5 out of 4.5 cumulative GPA or 75 out of 100 points equivalent at home institution

• Minimum TOEIC 700 or TOEFL PBT 507(CBT 210 or iBT 80) , or IELTS 5.5 for students wanting to take lectures taught in English


  Applicants who will apply to Korean Studies must submit TOPIK Level 5 & Korean Language Education applicants must submit TOPIK Level 4.


Students wishing to apply for an exchange semester at the Graduate School of Inha must contact professors of their chosen department or laboratory first and have an approval before applying.


Graduate School :

※ For Detailed information, Please refer to the attached file.

Attached file Attached file (If the file name is long, the name can be cut, according to the characteristic of browser.)

INHA University Factsheet 2019-Spring _Final.pdf

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