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Admission Guideline for International Students (Fall Semester, 2020)

Admission Guideline for International Students (Fall Semester, 2020) 

 1. Schedule of Admission Process  


1) Application Period :  Apr 20(Mon) 09:00 - May 6(Wed)

     - All application documents must arrive at the graduate school office before the deadlines.

     ※ All submitted documents will not be returned to applicants.


2) Department Evaluation : May 21(Thu) ~ May 27(Wed)

     - Departments may conduct an interview for more evaluation, or they may not schedule interview because documents evaluation is enough.

     - Interview candidates will be notified individually via email or phone by each department. Applicants who decline the interview will be rejected.


3) Result notification : June 15(Mon)

     - Both Admission and Scholarship Evaluation Result will be notified. 

     - Evaluation scores for admission will not be disclosed.


2. How to apply 


 ※ All applicants must complete both online application(Internet upload of application form) and documents submission within the designated period.


1) Online Application

     - After Internet upload of application form, you should print out the application form, leave your signature on it, and submit it to the graduate school office with other application documents. 

     - You should prepare your photo file (JPG form) for internet upload of application form.

     - During the designated online application period, you can reach the webpage of online application through the main page of our homepage(

     * Graduate School’s Homepage(Korean version) > 03 입학안내 > 외국인전형 > 원서접수/합격자조회

     * Graduate School’s Homepage(English version) > Admission > Admission Guidelines

     * Graduate School’s Homepage(Chinese version) >入学指南 >入学指南


2) Documents submission

      - Submit all of application documents including printed form of online application to the graduate school office on time. 

      - Address where you submit your application documents :

        "Graduate School Office(Main building #317), Inha University, 100 Inha-ro, Michuhol-gu, Incheon, South Korea, [Postal Code : 22212]"

      ※ There is no application fee for international students.


◈ For e-mail assistance regarding "Application procedures" from Inha Student Ambassadors, check the webpage of "Student Ambassadorship".

    - Graduate School’s Homepage(Korean version) >  03 입학안내 > 외국인전형 > 외국인홍보대사제도

    - Graduate School’s Homepage(English version) > 03 Admission > Student Ambassadorship

    - Graduate School’s Homepage(Chinese version) >入学指南 >宣传大使

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