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Result Announcement for Successful Applicants of Fall Semester, 2020

Result Announcement for Successful Applicants of Fall Semester, 2020


1. Period of Admission Result Announcement

: From 10 a.m. on June 15(Mon) to 5 p.m. on June 24(Wed)

2. How to Check Admission Result

1) Please go to the website below and log in.

- Korean version(한국어) : 입학 안내 - 외국인전형 - 원서접수/합격자조회 - 외국인 합격자 조회

- English version (영어) : Admission – Admission Guideline – Admission Result

2) For log-in, you should input your application number and password.

- The password is the one which you set for your online application.

- If you forgot your application number and password, send an e-mail to

※ Please, check the attached file which contains the way to check admission result.


3. Period of tuition fee payment : July 10(Fri) ~ July 14(Tue)

1) Period of tuition fee checking : July 7(Tue) ~ July 9(Thu)

※Please refer to “How to use INHA Portal”(PDF file) which is uploaded on website notice. (

2) How to pay tuition fee

☆(WAY 1) Notice for students staying at Korea : Check the amount & virtual account number on portal and transfer money during July 10~14. (Different account number is assigned for each student.)


☆(WAY 2) Notice for Overseas Residents : Transfer money to below account number and send remittance slip to with below information.

( Information to include in email )

- Studnet ID number / English Name / Remittance Date

- Expected date of transfer(to university account)

Account Number: HANA BANK 748-910120-56305 (Graduate School, Inha University)

Students who’re staying at Korea must use “WAY 1”. Account number 748-910120-56305 only recognize overseas remittance.

▶ It’s overseas remittance and usually takes 2~3 days(working day). Therefore, students must check with bank in advance, make sure tuition fee be transferred to designated account till deadline, July 14(Tue)

▶ Remittances will be made in Korean won based on real time exchange rates. If there’s an unpaid small amount caused due to the exchange rate difference, it will not be regarded as enrollment(payment), it will lead to “Admission Cancellation” of that student. Students should be cautious and careful a lot not to fail the enrollment.

▶ Remittances also causes service fee in both Korea and students’ home country. So please remit the amount more than the announced amount so that your enrollment doesn’t fail.

▶ If your remittance exceeds tuition fee amount, graduate school will refund it at the beginning of 2020-Fall semester after students open domestic bank account.

☆ Even though students are full scholarship grantee, they should transfer(remit) KRW 44,000 during enrollment period.


5) Others

* If there’s no tuition payment during designated period(July 10~14), it will lead to admission cancellation without notice.

* There’s no deposit payment period, all tuition fee should be paid all at once during designated period.

* Please check your transfer limit in advance so that you don’t fail to pay tuition fee.



Attached file Attached file (If the file name is long, the name can be cut, according to the characteristic of browser.)

Notice for successful applicants for admission(Fall-2020).pdf

How to Use INHA Portal.pdf

Contact Information of Department.pdf

Successful Applicants(2020-Fall) - Academic Advisers and Designated Subjects.pdf

CONDITIONAL Successful Applicants - Academic Advisers and Designated Subjects.pdf

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