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Announcement of the Graduation Receiving Ceremony for August 2020

 In graduate schools, in a situation where COVID-19 infection continues to occur, in consideration of the health and safety of graduates, The February and August 2020 degree conferment ceremony will be held online.

1. Online degree conferment ceremony: August 21 (Fri) 2:00 pm, Inha University homepage and YouTube.

2. Schedule of graduation uniform rental and collection
    - Period: August 18 (Tue) ~ 20 (Thu) 10:00 ~ 16:00

 8/18 (THU)  8/19 (WED)  8/20 (THU)  8/21 (FRI) after

Humanities and Social Sciences
Arts and Physical Education



Those who have not attended before
※About 2,000 undergraduate graduates

are expected

* The dates are divided by series to prevent crowds, and visitors can visit between the 18th and 21st, not the specified date.

- Master's degree recipients are requested to return their graduation uniforms by 4:00 pm on the same day.

- Ph.D degree recipients, please order individual degree uniforms or use the alumni support project.

     ※ Ph.D degree uniforms are not available for rental at the Graduate School Administration Office.

     ※ Graduate school affiliates support the rental of doctoral degree uniforms according to the number of student dues payments.

         To apply, please complete the August 2020 Graduation Gown Rental Applicants Survey.

        * Gown rental is only available for one day on the same day. (punctuality)
        * Ph.D gown rental is a support project for alumni associations, and if a graduate on February 21st wants to rent a

          gown at the August graduation ceremony, the company must individually proceed.
        * If you wish to rent a gown, we will notify you by individual text and email after 13 days of'membership fee payment

          count, payment amount, payment location, and hood color.

        * Gown rental varies depending on the number of payments of the fellowship fee, and there is a differential price

          of at least KRW 20,000 to a maximum of KRW 50,000 (the remaining amount is proceeded with the support fund

         for the alumni association and graduate school)

3. Place for rental of degree uniform and collection of degree term: It is required to bring ID

     - Master's degree recipient: In front of the Graduate School Administration Office on the 3rd floor of the main building

     - Ph.D degree recipient: Small auditorium on the 1st basement floor of the main building

     - Graduation periods after August 24 (Mon) are collected at the Graduate School Administration Office on the 3rd floor

       of the main building.

     - Access to the main building is only possible at the central entrance on the 1st floor. (Heat check, wear a mask)

4. Other information

    - Photo zone: 3 locations (the lawn in front of the main building, in front of Inkyung Lake, in front of Woonam Lake)

    - One parking ticket (free for 4 hours) is distributed to each graduate.

    - The degree certificate will be issued from August 21, 2020 (Fri).

    - Graduates are requested to abide by the COVID-19 prevention guidelines, refrain from unnecessary meetings,

      and return home safely.

5. Inquiries: Graduate School Administration Office 032-860-8383

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