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(2021-1) Invitation for Honorable Inha Student Ambassadorship (China, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, India, Pakistan, Philippines)

 The Graduate School invites application of international graduate students for Inha Student Ambassadorship. The student ambassadors represent their home countries at Inha and represent Inha University in their home countries. This time, 3~4 more graduate students will be awarded ambassadorship through selection process for competent and motivated competitors. The Graduate School will provide student ambassadors each semester with 400,000 KRW to support their activities. Ambassadors are expected to spend 1 hour a week on on-line to serve his/her positions and to support admission and international affairs of the Graduate School.

1. Qualification

- International students(enrolled)

2. Number of Ambassadors of additional selection(China, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, India, Pakistan, Philippines)

-  3~4 persons

3. Job Description:

- Participation in regular meeting of ambassador students representing their home countries

- Introduction of Inha Graduate Program to potential applicants in home country to enrich the campus’s international student society

- Participate graduate school event which is held for the purpose of harmonization & enrichment of international students community

- Assist applicants seeking for admission to submit required documents accordingly

- Assist new admitted students as a student mentor

- Issue the newsletter for international students per semester

4. Benefit

- KRW 400,000 / semester to support activities

5. The working period

- 2021-Spring semester

* There"ll be evaluation about ambassador activity at the end, and if the result is good, Global Education Project Team permits them to extend the ambassadorship for next semester too.

6. Application Period : Feb. 8 (Mon) ~ 19 (Fri)

- Please send us application (designated form) by e-mail.

- We will inform the interview date to only successful candidates of document screening.

7. Contact Point for more information and application

- Email :


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