19.09.11 13:34:34
When can I apply for thesis evaluation? Is there any fee for it?

Students who want to submit thesis for graduation must take thesis evaluation in their last semester. Those who completed successfully all the course work, comprehensive exams, Korean language course(Beginner & Intermediate level), and submission of their thesis plan in their third semester are allowed to apply for thesis evaluation. The application period for thesis evaluation is early April/October. Students must pay a certain amount of money for the thesis evaluation and submit all necessary documents to the graduate school office in person after completing the online application.
* How to apply : Log in the INHA portal > INS(학사행정) > Graduation(Graduate) > Apply for Thesis Examination (for Students)
* Students at doctoral degree program must submit evidences of two theses publications on the domestic journal or one thesis publication on the international journal before application for thesis evaluation. Please check the rules and regulations of your own department.
* For the regulation of each department, visit '학과소개'
* For detailed information, visit Academics > Degree Requirements