19.09.11 13:35:07
How can I get a gown and a cap for the graduation ceremony?
The graduate school office provides gowns and caps for students of Master’s degree program. They can borrow gowns and caps for the graduation ceremony, and they will get the original degree certificate after returning gowns and caps to the graduate school office before 5 p.m.

Students who will achieve Ph.D must prepare their own gowns and caps in person to attend the graduation ceremony. They must contact individually a private company for gowns and caps and buy or rent them. When they choose a hood and a cap, they must check carefully its color because of its difference depending on majors.(Engineering : Orange, Natural Science : Yellow, etc.) They can get contact information of some companies for graduation costume from the graduate school office. Without a gown, a hood, and a cap students are not allowed to go on the stage to get the degree certificate directly from the president of Inha University during the graduation ceremony.