19.09.11 13:35:57
How can I extend my Korean visa(D-2)?

Usually Immigration Office gives an one-year visa for international students, so they have to submit the following documents to the Immigration Office to extend their Korean visa(D-2) before the visa expires.
For student’s convenience, The International Center provides an one-stop service for visa affairs. Please visit International Center from 13:00 to 17:00 on Monday or Tuesday to apply for Visa extension service.
* According to revised immigration regulations, all foreign nationals are required to visit the Korea Immigration Office in person and be fingerprinted when applying for the foreign registration card(from July 1, 2011). In addition, all immigration affairs such as VISA extension, VISA change will require foreign nationals to apply in person as of Jan 1, 2012. Consequently, our services for VISA extensions will be discontinued after 2011.

◆ Required Document for VISA Extension / 延签提交文件
- Application / 申请表
- Passport and Foreign Registration Card / 护照和外国人登陆证
- Application Fee /手续费 : 30,000 KRW
- Certificate of Enrollment(Korean or English) / 在读证明书(韩文或英文版)
- Transcript(Korean or English) / 成绩单(韩文或英文版)
- Certificate of Scholarship (Graduate Student : Obtainable at the office of Graduate School), Only for the students who are eligible for scholarship / 奖学金证明书(研究生行政室或学生服务中心)
- Receipt for Tuition Payment / 学费缴纳证明书
 * If visa expires before payment period for the tuition fee, please consult with International Center. In this case, international students have to submit the certificate showing that they will register next semester (Obtainable at the office of Graduate School).
- Certificate of Bank Balance – The certificate of scholarship with 3,000 USD or more will substitute for the bank statement. Only for the students who cannot show the certificate of scholarship with 3,000 USD or higher/ 存款证明书(300万以 上, 没拿相当于300万以上奖学金的学生)
- Certificate that coursework is finished or will be finished, graduate students only / 修了(预定)证明书(只限于研究生)
- Dissertation schedule (student who finished coursework only), graduate students only / 论文日程确认书(只限于研究生)