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How can I get ‘Work Permit’ for a part time job?

Every international student must get permission from the immigration office before they start to work as part timers. If the international students without permission are revealed and caught by the Immigration Office, they will be fined 1,000,000 KRW and be departed from Korea. The international students will be allowed to work part-time in Korea on the following conditions.
  * Your part time job should be less than 20 hours per week(Undergraduate student) or 30 hours(Graduate student).

1) Application Eligibility
International students can get a work permit for 1 year at maximum and do not need to get permission again when they change their work places within a specified period permitted by the government. However, the International Center must be informed of the change of work places, because it is required to put work places and work hours of international students on FIMS.
When international students apply for work permit again with in their legal stay, they can get work permit for 1year at maximum.
※ Students whose attendance record is below 70% and GPA is below C (2.5) may NOT be allowed to get work permit.
Korean Language Training (D-4) visa holder who has being attended more than 6 months.
All international students who are currently enrolled at universities are allowed to work for 20 hours per week. Graduate students (students who are preparing thesis included) can work for 30 hours per week. (No limit to work hours during weekends, holidays and school vacations)

2) How to apply for Part Time Work Permit (D-2, D-4)
International students are not required to visit the Immigration Office to apply for a work permit. Instead, students can apply online at the HiKorea Website(
International students are exempted from paying application fees for part-time work permits.

3) Eligible Work Areas
Areas that can be regarded as being closely related to the major study of applying students.
Areas commonly associated with students
  Ex) translation, interpretation, library assistant, landscaping and lawn maintenance, facility maintenance, restaurant and hospitality field, office assistant, research activities which are temporary such as research project carried out at the same time with study, teaching assistants (temporary) or laboratory assistants.
 ※ Employment at English villages or English camps such as shop keepers, restaurant employees and assistant program staff. Foreign language teachers at educational institutes including private institutes (Applicable only for those with qualifications as foreign language instructors).

4) Restricted areas
High-tech industries or research institutes which require high security to protect industry secrets and
   classified information
Speculative businesses (gambling and etc)
Bars or adult entertainment establishments
Business establishments which are unacceptable by the standards of virtue, tradition and Korean custom
Individual private tutoring

5) Required Document for Work Permit
 ① Passport, Foreign Register Card
 ② Application form
 ③ Integrated form for part time job (It should be signed by employer, guidance professor, the staff in charge
    of foreign students at a university)
 ④ Working as native-speaking assistant instructor in English holding foreign student visa :
  - Passport, Foreign registration card
  - Application form
  - An Employment contract and copy
  - A written consent from current workplace
  - Original diploma and copy
  - A letter of acceptance by TaLK(Teach and Learn in Korea)
    [issued by Ministry of Education, Science and Technology(National Institute for International Education)
     or Education superintendent]
  - Copy of business registration
※ For more details, Please visit HiKorea Website(