19.09.11 13:37:52
How can I purchase Inha University’s designated insurance?

You have to check the current notice from the homepage of International Center(
 1) Payment Period : First three days in the first week of semester.
 2) Premium : Approx. KRW 160,000 ~ 200,000 for a year
  - The insurance premium may vary depending on the age and gender.
  - For students who were born before 1980s, the insurance premium may be a lot more expensive. Therefore, please consult with the insurance agency first before buying the insurance.
 3) Method of Purchasing : Go to the International Student Lounge (ISL, #504) in the Student Union Building and make payment during the designated period.
 4) One month after the payment, pick up your insurance certificate at the ISL(#504 at the Student Union building).
 5) Max. Coverage & Limits (보상한도)
  ① Death/Physical Disability:KRW 20,000,000 (사망,후유장애: 2천만원)
  ② Domestic hospitalization for Injury/Sickness: KRW 10,000,000 (상해,질병 치료(국내입원): 1천만원)
  ③ Domestic Medical Expenses for Injury/Sickness : KRW 250,000/Day (상해/질병 치료(국내외래): 25만원/일)
  ④ Medicinal Expenses for Prescription Drugs : KRW 50,000/Day (상해/질병 처방조제: 5만원/일)
 6) Deductible (자기부담금)
  ① Hospitalization : 10% of medical expenses
     (90% of medical expenses may be covered by medical insurance)
      / 입원의료비 본인부담금 10% (90%만 보험사에서 보상)
  ② Insurers must pay deductibles depending on the type of hospital : Clinic(KRW 10,000), Hospital (KRW 15,000), General Hospital (KRW 20,000)
     / 의원(1만원), 중소병원(1.5만원), 대학/종합병원(2만원)
  ③ Insurers must pay deductibles (KRW 8,000) for buying prescription drugs
     / 약제비 자기부담금(8천원)
7) Illnesses NOT covered by Insurance : Traditional Korean Medicine, Dental Treatment, Chronic Proctological Disease, Diseases or Physical Impairment that occurred prior to insurance purchase, etc.