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[Inha CIS] 2022 Inha Public Diplomacy Festival

2022 Public Diplomacy Festival for Inha students



During May 18-19, the Inha Center for International Studies (CIS) held the ‘2022 Inha Public Diplomacy Hanmadang’, funded by Korea Foundation, allowing students to enhance acknowledgement and competency in public diplomacy.


On the first day of the festival, students who participated in the Public Diplomacy Debate Contest had a lively debate on ‘Public diplomacy for overseas Koreans: Government’s support policies?” Three participating teams proposed creative ideas and had in-depth discussions on how overseas Koreans could play a role in promoting the Korean national image under the government's support. Team E-eum(이음) persuaded the boards of members with the highest score to gain the grand award through the idea of a 'global busking truck' carrying Korean traditions and culture around the world.

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On the second day, a unique event called ‘Bojagi One-day Class’ was time for Korean and international students to enjoy a typical Korean tradition of gift-wrapping. Students from 14 countries, such as including France, Uzbekistan, Finland, Azerbaijan, India, and Malaysia, were all excited to learn about Bojagi - a yet unknown beautiful Korean tradition, for its artistic value and also practical uses in daily life.

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