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2022 International Conference to seek a new direction for Korean Studies
Korean Studies specializes in Political Diplomacy and Social Science
Expansion Strategy Discussion of Korean Studies Education and Research in China, Vietnam,
New Zealand, and Eurasia
A New Prospect for the era 2.0 of Korean Studies
            ▲ On June 24, the ‘2022 International Conference’ hosted by the Inha CIS was held in the conference
room of Inha University Jeongseok Memorial Library. 
On June 24, Inha CIS held an international conference with the theme ‘Korean Studies in Politics and Diplomacy and Social Sciences: A Direction to Convergence Korean Studies’ at Inha University.
This 2022 International Conference in Korean Studies was hosted by the K-Academic Diffusion Research Center of the Inha CIS, and sponsored by the Academy of Korean Studies, being streamed online through the K-Center official Youtube channel (Inha K-Academy).
At this international conference, scholars from home and abroad gathered to examine the state of the existing Korean studies, which are highly leaned toward the Korean language and culture. Participants and audiences had chances to explore the state of Korean Studies throughout many regions through presentations by scholars and researchers from Korea, China, Vietnam, New Zealand, Bulgaria and Slovenia. Notably, discussions were involved in efforts to establish Korean studies in a more diverse approach and directions for Korean Studies to develop in social science, political science, and diplomacy.

      ▲ Jean Young Lee, Director of the Inha CIS, is giving a keynote presentation


Specifically, Section 1 examined Korean studies in China and Japan. In the case of China, major changes in China's Korean Studies were focused on the period after the THAAD dispute between China and Korea. Section 2 dealt with the current status of Korean politics and diplomacy education and research in Vietnam and the development of Korean studies in New Zealand. Section 3 was a time to explore research trends and diffusion strategies for Korean studies in Russia, Bulgaria, and Central Asia.
Jean Young Lee, director of the Inha CIS, said, “Recently, the global spread of Hallyu and Korean culture has exploded, but it's true that it has not yet been combined with the development of Korean studies to gain true understanding and support for Korea. It should be developed in-depth and diversified as an academic and dependent major of studies.” In addition, Korean Studies as a political and diplomacy study aims to develop, produce and disseminate online courses related to Korean politics and diplomacy, as well as Korean political economy society, to inform Korea's achievements accurately.



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