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[2022-23 Inha CIS K-Academic, 1st Colloquium] Research Trends of Korean Studies in North America
The K-Academic Diffusion Research Center hosted the 1st Colloquium of 2022-23 K-Academic Project on August 22, 2022, with Professor Yoonkyung Lee. With the theme of "Research Trends of Korean Studies in North America," Professor Lee addressed critical subjects concerning 1) the development of Korean studies in North America; 2) the overview of Korean studies researcher centers and associations; 3) key publications regarding social, cultual and political issues over the past decades of Korea; and 4) challenges and implications for Korean studies in North America. Professor Lee concluded by arguing that  the upsurge of K-pop across the entire North America would encourage universities and scholars in the US to further engage in Korea and Korean studies.  

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