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Inha CIS held a joint academic conference with the Institute of Japan-US Studies of the Waseda University

On November 16, 2022, the Inha Center for International Studies (CIS) successfully held a joint academic conference with the Institute of Japan-US Studies of the Waseda University with the topic of 'Korea-US-Japan Cooperation and Korea-Japan Mutual Understanding'.
The conference was sponsored by the Academy of Korean Studies and co-hosted by the Inha CIS  and the Institute of Japan-US Studies, and it aimed to discuss the direction of the Korea-US-Japan cooperation in a changing environment of the global orders and to find ways to enhance the mutual relationship between Korea and Japan. 
The conference included three different sessions and general discussions. The first session was chaired by Masahiko Gemma, Vice President of Waseda University. Kang Sang joong, Director of the Kumamoto Prefectural Theater, provided the topic of ‘The Korea-US-Japan cooperation and Korea-Japan mutual understanding’, and Mitsuhiro Mimura, a senior researcher at the Economic Research Institute for Northeast Asia, illustrated ‘The formation of a new order in Eurasia and the Korea-US-Japan cooperation’.
Following that, Jean-Young Lee, Director of the Inha CIS, chaired the second session, and SeokWon Song, a professor at Kyung Hee University, discussed ‘Korea-Japan Relations in the Era of US-China Hegemony Competition’.
In the discussion session, chaired by Professor Soichi Tsukamoto of J.F. Oberlin University in Japan, and all panels provided an in-depth discussion with the theme of 'the future of Korea-Japan relations within Korea-US-Japan relations.' Baek Jin-hoon, who served three consecutive terms for a member of the House of Councillors, was also involved in the discussion session.
Director Lee said that “Korea-Japan relations have gone through ups and downs over the past 20 years, especially entering its new phase in a changign order of East Asia, and thus it is timely to discuss a future direction of the Korea-Japan relations. In particular, a pending issue on the relationship is to understand each other, and it is also in line with the university’s aim to cultivate next generations in both countries”. 


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