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인하대학교 2021학년도 2학기 수업 방식 안내(8~15주)/Course Format Announcement for Fall Semester, 2021(Week 8 - Week 15)

2021학년도 2학기 수업 방식 안내(8~15)

Course Format Announcement

for Fall Semester, 2021

Inha University

(WEEK 8 - WEEK 15)



교무처에서는 코로나19 대비와 안정적인 수업 운영을 위하여 대면수업심의위원회의 심의를 거쳐 2021학년도 2학기 수업 방식(8~15)을 안내드립니다.


In order to better control and respond to COVID-19 as well as to run the upcoming semester in a way that could accommodate the resulting situations, Inha university offers course formats like below for week 8 through week 15 of the fall semester, 2021.

1. 2021학년도 2학기 수업 방식/Course Formats for Fall 2021


(1) 비대면 수업 원칙

  (2) 실험·실습·실기·설계 교과목 및 대면수업이 반드시 필요한 교과목에 한하여 교무처의 검토 및 승인을 거친 후 대면수업·대면비대면병행수업 시행 가능

  (3) 대면수업의 경우 코로나19 감염 우려 등의 사유로 등교가 어려운 학생을 위한 대체 방안 부여 필요

(1) Basic Course format : Remotely (online) learning

(2) For Experiment/Lab/Practice-based courses or design courses as well as for the courses that indispensably require face-to-face engagement, In-person learning or blended/hybrid learning could be adopted after getting approval from the office of academic affairs.

(3) In case of courses approved to be taught in-person, alternative options must be offered to students who would not wish to physically be present for the course due to worries over COVID-19 infection and also to other related reasons.


 ※ 2021학년도 2학기 중간고사 운영 방식/Midterm Examination Format for Fall 2021


  - 시험 방식은 강좌별 자율 시행하되, 실험실습실기 강좌 및 과목 특성상 대면 시험이 필요한 강좌에 한하여 대면 시험 시행 권장

  - 대면 시험 진행 시 수강생 전원의 동의 필요

  - The exam format for the midterm can be determined respectively by each course, 

    but only the courses that require in-person exam by its very nature(e.g. experiment/lab/practice-based courses or design courses and etc.) are recommended to consider conducting in-person exams.

  - Prior consent of all the students in class will be required to hold in-person exams.

2. 방역수칙 준수/COVID-19 Safety and Quarantine Guidelines)

좌석 2칸 띄우기 또는 6  1(좌석 없는 경우거리두기 가능한 강의실에서 진행

마스크는 학생 개별적으로 착용 원칙

- 1 1회 이상 건물 출입 시 발열체크건강상태 자가진단 체크

개인 책걸상 사용 전 추가 소독 및 손소독제 사용 권장

 강의실 전체 방역은 학교에서 진행 예정

수업 전 창문을 열어 놓고수업 중에도 수시로 창문을 개방하여 자연환기 양을 증가시키는 등 충분한 환기 실시

증상 학생 발생 시 대학건강센터 연락

 코로나 상황이 급변화 시 대면수업심의위원회에서 재심의하여 세부 가이드라인이 수정될 수 있음

기말고사의 경우 추후 사회적 거리단계에 따라 운영 방식 결정 후 추후 공지 예정


A. The classroom should be able to accommodate the number of students with two middle seats that are kept empty between each participating student during the class. For classrooms that have no seats, the space should be able to afford a 6 distance between each participant.

B. All the individual students should wear a mask at all times.

C. All the students coming to attend a class should check temperature when entering a building by using the fever screening system at the entrances and also do self-screening for COVID-19 at least once a day.

D. Students are recommended to sanitize their hands and to disinfect the desks and chairs before using them (in addition to the extensive disinfection the school conducts on the entire classroom facilities.)

E. It is necessary to keep the windows open before class and to open the windows as often as possible in class to air out the space and increase natural ventilation.

F. If any symptoms related to COVID-19 are appearing, please contact the university health center at 032-860-8312

※ The specifics of the guidelines are subject to change depending on the COVID-19 related situations and the following decisions from the school committee.

※ The guidelines for the finals will be determined to be announced later depending on the social distancing policy being in effect.



2021. 9.


(Dean of Academic Affairs)

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