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Health Insurance

All International Students Must Have Medical Insurance

Korean Government requires all international students to have insurance plans in order to help protect students from high or unexpected healthcare expenses incurred by diseases such as cancer, flu epidemics, etc.

Available Options

Available Options
Student TypeAvailable Insurance Options
Degree-seeking international students- University’s designated insurance
- National Health Insurance
- Other private health insurances
Exchange studentsInsurance from home country

Private health insurances and the insurance certified from home country should be compatible with the following requirements :

  • Insurance must be valid during the period of stay in Korea
  • Unlimited coverage must be provided on illness injury and emergency medical evacuation
  • Unlimited coverage must be provided on repatriation of remains
  • Deductible for accident/illness must not exceed $50 USD
  • Accident/Illness death benefit must be provided up to $25,000 USD

University’s Designated Insurance

Refund Request on University’s Designated Insurance

  • Eligibility : National Health Insurance member or private insurance policyholder
  • Rebate process : The process will be sent through E-mail during March (Spring semester) or September (Fall semester)