Exchange Students


Period of Study

The academic year at Inha University runs from March to December and is made up of 2 terms. International students have a choice of 3 study periods:

  • Full academic year: March ~ December / September ~ June
  • Spring semester: March ~ June
  • Fall Semester: September ~ December


Common requirementCurrently-enrolled student at one of Inha University’s partner institutions
Upon conditions (Bachelor’s degree holder)
※ Applicants must contact professors of their chosen department or laboratory first and have an approval before applying.
GPAGPA should be a minimum 2.5 out of 4.5 cumulative GPA(2.22 out of 4.0) or 75 out of 100 points equivalent at home institution
Proof of languageIt is recommended that students’ proficiency is equal to TOEFL IBT 71 or IELTS 5.5 Or Duolingo English test 90 for classes taught in English.
  • Applicants who will apply to below departments must submit TOPIK Level 4 or above.
  • The department of Korean Language and literature
  • The department of Korean Language Education
  • The department of Korean Language & Culture(KLC)
※ Letter of Recommendation by academic advisor can replace the English Language Certificate and students with cumulative GPA below the minimum points must submit it. (2nd page of the designated form: downloadable on Inha Online Application Platform)

Academic Transcripts

For exchange students who have completed their study at Inha, original transcripts will be issued within 8 weeks of the end of the class to your home university office.

Course Offerings

1. Go to and click ‘English’ on the upper right side menu.
2. Click ‘Course Schedule’ on ‘Curriculum’ on the left side menu. Once you click it, a pop up screen will show up.
3. Select ‘foreign language’ on the ‘etc.’ bar on new pop-up window.
4. Please check the Note column on the course table to see the instruction language.
※ Fixed time table and course lists will be available approximately a month before the semester starts.
※ Exchange students can take courses across the majors upon successful course registration and the consent of
    the professor. Course lists are subject to change due to departmental circumstances.
※ On the website, do not use the Department/Major bar. It will reset the foreign language setting.