Living Information

Types of Counseling Services

Full-Time Advisory System

  • All students are assigned an academic advisor to have academic activities and school life properly.
  • All students must receive counseling with their professors at least once a semester.

※ You can not check the grades at the end of the semester without consulting with the advisor.

To meet your academic advisor
  • You can find out your advisor is by visiting your department office or by calling to department office.

Inha International Buddy

  • Mentor-mentee relationship through 1:1 matching
  • Help for the students’ school life and living in Korea
  • Airport Pick-up / Dormitory Reception Assistant / Interpretation Assistant / Provision of Academic Information
How to operate
  • International Center selects Korean students for Buddy program at the beginning of each semester and matches Korean students with international students.
  • At the beginning of each semester, foreign students will meet Korean buddy students during the orientation.

ISL Supporters

  • The ISL is a public space designed to allow foreign students to freely study, relax and conduct cultural activities.
  • To help international students, about 15 ISL Supporters stay at I.S.L full time every day.
  • ISL Supporters offer a wide range of academic and general support and assistance.
  • Provide various cultural experience programs for foreign students
Location of I.S.L
  • #504, 5th floor, Student Building
study lounge 이미지
Open & Close
  • Open : 10:00-17:00 during the semester
  • Close : holidays and weekends

Student counseling center Professional counselor consultation system

  • We have a student counseling center in order to help students’ psychological stability.
Location of Student Counselling Center
  • #521, 5th floor, Jungseok Memorial Library

Global Dragon Specialized Professor Counseling System

  • Promoting foreign students' sense of belonging to Inha University and early detection / resolution of various difficulties
  • Specialized counselors for students with various regional backgrounds.
  • Regular meeting with foreign students and global dragon counselling professors by region.
Global Dragon Professors
Global Dragon Professors
Regional SectionProfessorAffiliationRepresentative Student
ChinaMs. XIAO YINGDepartment of China StudiesZHANG HENGLIAN
MalaysiaMs. MICHELLE KWONGraduate School of LawNUR HANIS HADIFAH
Other countriesMs. HYUNJOO LEEGraduate School of EducationSUKHBOLD BAASANJARGAL
Location of Global Dragon Center
  • #505, 5th floor, Student Building
Global Dragon 이미지
Open & Close
  • Open : 09:00-18:00 during the semester
  • Close : holidays and weekends

※ If you want to use it for a group event, you can apply online at the INS-education facility.