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Contacts for Emergency

For the safety of international students, please refer to the contacts below.

Contacts inside Inha University

Contacts inside Inha University
Central Security Control (☏8597)Head of Campus Security Management
Safety Disaster Prevention Team (☏8366)Safety Education/Treatment in case of an accident
Student Health Care Center (☏8311)General supervision of Students’ Health care
Dormitory (☏8317)General supervision of Dormitory Students’ Security and Safety.
Facilities Safety Team (☏7112)
General Affairs Team (☏7097)
General supervision of Facilities Safety
International Center (☏7036)General supervision of Foreign Students’ Safety
Global Education Team (☏8273)General supervision of Korean language trainees’ Safety
Graduate School (☏8389)
Graduate School of Logistics (☏8227)
General supervision of Graduate School Students’ Safety

Contacts outside Inha University

Contacts outside Inha University
Illness or disaster119 National Safety Report Center119
Inha University Hospital Emergency Room032-890-2301
Public Health Center, Michuhol-gu, Incheon032-880-4552
Bureau of Health Care Policy, Incheon032-440-2747
Crime and AccidentIncheon National Police Agency112
Incheon Michuhol Police Station182

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