Student Union

Graduate Student Union

Graduate Student Union is engaged in a variety of activities at Inha University in order to meet the 'Vision 2020' to become a world-class university with its global competitiveness.

The Student Union arranges events like special lectures inviting renowned guest lecturers and organizes useful workshops for graduate students to improve creative research capabilities and skills for practical activities. In addition, the Graduate Student Union has organized international cultural festival (food festival, traditional cultural performances, etc.) along with graduate school office in every May since 2008. This festival plays a very important role in cultural exchange among graduate students and internationalization of the graduate school. The Student Union made a contribution to support graduate students' studies and sociocultural activities by organizing a lecture about first aid training for international graduate students in 2010, producing a note for a research diary in 2011, and arranging a ski camp in February of 2012. In 2010, the Student Union carried out a survey regarding graduate courses, scholarships, and other important issues. Based on its result, the Student Union has made efforts to open fruitful graduate courses, to improve of scholarship and welfare programs for graduate students, and to assist research activities with the graduate school office.

The Graduate Student Union shares various thoughts and opinions with graduate students and diligently performs many activities to make significant and continuous progress of INHA graduate school.


  • 학생회 찾아오시는 길
  • Graduate Student Union
    - Room : #502 at the student union building
    - Phone : 032-860-8466