Course Registration

Course Registration

In order to sign up for classes, graduate students should first consult with their academic advisor, and choose some courses which they want to take.

  • Go to the INHA portal ( ) and enter your ID and password.
  • And then, Click "INS(학사행정) → Courses(Graduate) → Course Registration" subsequently.
  • You can select the courses which you want to take during the designated period.
  • Check the Academic Calendar for the course registration period.
    • Course registration period for Spring semester : In the first or second week of February
    • Course registration period for Fall semester : In the first or second week of August
  • For more information about the course registration, visit your department office.
  • You can change the courses during the add/drop period at the beginning of each semester.
    (Check the Academic Calendar)
  • Students can take only 9 credits for the maximum in each semester.
    (1 class = 3 credits)
  • Designated Subjects : On the date of admission result notification some of admitted students will find that several designated subjects are assigned to them because of major difference between at their former university and at Inha University. When they want to register one of their designated subjects, they are allowed to take max. 12 credits for a semester. Credits of designated subjects in undergraduate course will not be added for total credits nor affect your C.G.P.A, whereas those in graduate course will be added for graduation requirement and affect your C.G.P.A.

Course Schedule / Plan

course schedule/plan

Class Hour

Class Hour
310:00~10:30 1315:00~15:30
511:00~11:30 1516:00~16:30
712:00~12:30 1717:00~17:30
812:30~13:00 1817:30~18:00
913:00~13:30 1918:00~18:30
1013:30~14:00 2018:30~19:00

Abandonment of registered course

  • Who can apply : Students who registered more than 2 courses
  • How to apply : Log in the INHA portal ( ) → go to INS(학사행정) → Courses(Graduate) → select the abandonment of registered course