Medical Insurance

National Health Insurance Service(NHIS)

The national health insurance policy has been revised to mandate the enrollment of foreign residents (including international students on D-2 visa) in Korea from March 1, 2021.

Enrollment Standards

Available Options
Visa TypeEnrollment Standards
D-2 (Study Abroad)
  • First entry : to be enrolled from the date of alien registration
  • Re-entry after alien registration → to be enrolled from the date of re-entry
D-4 (General Training)
  • To be enrolled after six months of stay in Korea
Korean Citizens from overseas or
Korean Expatriates(F-4)
  • To be enrolled from the date of admission (Enrollment certificate required for signing up)

  • Auto-enrollment : For students on a D-2 visa, enrollment will be automatically processed and be effective from the date of alien registration. Individual application is not necessary.
  • Students who are to be re-enrolled upon reentry are advised to check their enrollment status by making phone calls to NHIS(033-811-2000) or by paying a visit.

Insurance Fee and Payment

  • Billing : The insurance bill will be sent to your registered address around 10th each month.

    - If your residential address has changed, you need to report the change by contacting NHIS or by using NHIS website so that your address information could be updated properly for the bill to be delivered.

    ※ Electronic(Email or mobile App) billing is available upon request instead of receiving a paper bill. You can request electronic billing at the NHIS website or at the brach office and also through using the QR codes below.

건강보험 어플 다운 qr이미지(안드로이드) 건강보험 어플 다운 qr이미지(아이폰ios)

  • Payment Methods : Bank transfer, auto transfer(bank account), auto pay(credit card), NHIS website payment system, visiting NHIS branch office.

    ※ Please check out your bill for detailed guide for making payment.

  • Payment deadline : 25th every month for the enrollment next month

    ※ Example : Insurance bill for April, 2021 → due to be paid by March 25th, 2021

Insurance Benefits

  • The equal range of coverage as NHIS for Korean citizens is offered. This includes dental and oriental medical treatment, general health check-ups, pregnancy, child-related medical treatment, and etc.
  • How it works : Copayment(Cost sharing)

    → The medical expenses incurred will be automatically covered by the insurance (without requiring applications) when you pay for the treatment and you will be charged to pay only a part of the cost(s)

    - Copayment Portion

    * Outpatient Medical Treatment : around 30% to 60% of the expenses incurred

    * Hospitalization Treatment : around 20% of the expenses incurred

    ※ The copayment portions could vary depending on the types of medical institutes and their locations)

Restrictions following overdue payments

  • Suspension on the insurance coverage from the 1st day of the month unpaid for (to be lifted upon complete payment of the bills)
  • Restrictions on visa extension → It begins to apply when the insurance debts amount to be over 500,000 KRW
  • Forcible Collection : Overdue payment reminders will be sent for a designated period. Afterwards, if remained unresolved, seizure of property(real estate, vehicles, bank deposit, etc.) may be imposed.

    ※ Arrears can be paid in installments, and insurance benefits will be back in service upon clearing up the insurance debts.

Departure and Enrollment Status Change

  • Staying abroad for a month or longer : Loss of NHIS enrollment status(suspension on insurance bill charges)
  • Staying abroad for less than a month(Re-entering Korea within a month of staying overseas) : NHIS Enrollment status will be retained and insurance fee will continue to be charged.

해외 체류시 보험료에 대한 이미지

Inquiries and Consultations

  • NHIS Service Center : 1577-1000(Press ‘7’ for service in multi languages), 033-811-2000 (Multi-language services available : English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Uzbek)
  • Regional NHIS Center information(website) : NHIS (

    ※ NHIS Center for Incheon Residents : 7th floor, Bupyeongdaero Post Office, 88 Bupyeong-daero, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon-si

Private Insurance Plan Option for International Students at Inha University

You can also purchase an extra private insurance plan at Inha University for additional coverage.

  • Coverage Period : 6 months (Mar ~ Aug / Sep ~ Feb )
  • Premium : Approximately 50,000 KRW
  • Application Link :
  • Coverage type : Reimbursement claim