Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance

Health Center (On campus, Room 215 at Student Center)

For minor health problems, Student can visit the Health Center located on the second floor of the Student Center. Students can see a doctor during office hours (9 ~ 6 p.m. during Spring/Fall semester, 9 ~ 5 p.m. during Summer/Winter vacation) and get basic medical treatments there.

Insurance Policy

  • In order to protect students from high or unexpected healthcare expenses incurred by diseases such as cancer, flu epidemics, etc, Inha University has made it mandatory for all international students to obtain insurance plans since the fall semester of 2008.
  • All international students are required to obtain one of the insurance plans as below :
      ① Inha University's Designated Insurance Plan
      ② National Health Insurance
      ③ Medical Insurance Plan available in Korea
      ④ Medical Insurance from a foreign country

  • Students who have purchased another insurance policy other than Inha University's designated insurance plan (Case ② or ③ or ④) must submit a photocopy of his/her insurance certificate to the ISL(International Student Lounge, #504 at the student union building) by the first week of each semester.

Inha University's Designated Insurance Plan (Fall, 2014)


  • You can check details about Inha University's Deginated Insurance Plan through the file of 'Insurance Guideline for Graduate'. It includes the insurance premium, maximum coverage & limits, how to make insurance claim, illnesses which cannot be covered, etc.
  • For all inquiries about insurance, please contact the local insurance agency or the international center of Inha University.

Insurance Local Agency

International Center

  • Tel : 032-860-7038 or 9198
  • e-mail :
  • The International Center is NOT responsible for any insurance claims for the international students.
  • [Payment Period] During the first week of each semester
    • Visit International Student Lounge(Room 504, at the student union building) for the specific date.
  • [How to pay]
    • Visit the International Student Lounge(Room 504, at the student union building) and pay the premium to the staff of Insurance Company after checking the exact amount of it for you. Pick up your insurance certificate at the time of making payment at the International Student Lounge(Room 504, Student Union Building)
  • [Insurance Claim]
      1) International students except KGSP
    • Access and check the required documents for insurance claim first. Then upload documents of insurance claim directly through this webpage.
    • 2) International students of KGSP
    • Access inha11 and check the required documents for insurance claim first. Then upload documents of insurance claim directly through this webpage.

List of Hospitals and Pharmacies near the Campus

  • 현대 유비스 병원 (Hyundai Uvis Hospital/ Hospital) Tel. 032-890-5640
  • 중앙 메디칼 (Choong-Ang Medical/ Hospital) Tel. 032-866-0800
  • 학익정형외과 (Hak-Ik Orthopedics /Hospital) Tel. 032-868-5200
  • 굿모닝 치과 (Good Morning Dentist /Clinic) Tel. 032-864-2875
  • 코코 이비인후과 (Coco Otolaryngology /Clinic) Tel. 032-864-5075
  • 새솜재활의학과 (Sae-Som Rehabilitation Treatment /Clinic) Tel. 032-863-8855
  • 현 피부비뇨기과 (Hyun Dermatology and Urology /Clinic) Tel. 032-862-0507
  • 이광래 내과의원 (Lee Kwang-Rae Internal Medicine /Clinic) Tel. 032-876-1984
  • 인하대 병원 (Inha University Hospital/ General Hospital) Tel. 032-890-2357
  • 오성 약국 (Oh-Sung Pharmacy) Tel. 032-873-3280
  • 고일 약국 (Ko-Il Pharmacy) Tel. 032-862-8275
  • 다사랑 약국 (Da-Sarang Pharmacy) Tel. 032-862-1494
  • 인하약국 (Inha Pharmacy) Tel. 032-889-1580

* Since Inha Univ. Hospital is General Hospital that is very expensive and requires the highest amount of deductibles (KRW 20,000), students are strongly encouraged to go to smaller hospitals or clinics first if their symptoms are not serious. If you feel you are sick, go to the nearest clinic in your neighborhood first, and if the doctor says that you need to go to a bigger hospital, then you may want to visit a general hospital. For maps and contact information of the hospitals and pharmacies near the campus, please check the last pages of this guide.

Information about the Insurance Regulations

Since the insurance regulations which govern the insurance businesses in Korea were revised on Oct. 1st 2009, all the insurance policies in Korea have drastically changed.

Insurance Policy Details

Details of the Insurance Policy
Details of the Insurance Policy (Since Oct. 1st 2009)
90% of medical expenses may be covered
Insurers must pay deductibles depending on the type of hospital.
Clinic(KRW 10,000), Hospital (KRW 15,000), General Hospital (KRW 20,000)
Insurers must pay deductibles (KRW 8,000)
for buying prescription drugs
  • [At a glance]
    • Deductibles : General Hospital (KRW 20,000), Hospital (KRW 15,000), Clinic (KRW 10,000), Pharmacy (KRW 8,000)
      (Ex.) When a student with flu like symptoms is seen by a doctor from Inha University.
    • Hospital and his treatment costs are the following :
      Doctor's Bill (KRW 30,000)/ Prescription Drugs (KRW 12,000)
      Deductibles (KRW 20,000 + 8,000 = 28,000) must be paid.
      (KRW 14,000, the rest of the medical expenses would be paid by insurance company.)